Me Me Me!

OK, as much as I hate the word “blogosphere”, I received a sign a few days ago that I’m now a part of it whether I like it or not:

This guy named Anthony left a comment on one of my NYC posts saying that he found while searching for info for a blog post of his own reviewing d.b.a., one of the bars I visited there.

So I went over to his blog – the very funny Wiseass Reviews – and found the post in question. And not only had he given me a link, but he also made me a tag!

Thanks, Anthony. I’m returning the favour.

Oh yeah – just so this post isn’t completely off-topic and self-indulgent, I should mention that I drank some Black Oak Saison tonight. Review: It was yummy.

3 Responses to Me Me Me!

  1. Oh, you better believe you’re up in some blogosphere!

  2. You never made a tag out of me. How does it feel? Does it pinch? I need to make a map of Easlakia and Weslakia and surrounding jurisdictions. Then you’ll make me a tag.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Greg. Not only did you make me a tag, but you wrote a whole post about me.

    I feel like a honest-to-god internet celebrity.