Seattle – Day 1

I’m in Seattle, and my hotel room has a kitchen. I find this very odd.

After many hours on a very large plane, and a stop-over in Vancouver, and less than an hour on a very small plane, I got in around 7 PM local time. My schedule didn’t really allow me to have a proper dinner, so after checking in at the hotel, I went out with the rest of the folks who are in from Toronto for this weekend’s conference to have what felt like a midnight snack to my still-thinks-I’m-in-the-Eastern-time-zone body.

Dining options near the hotel are limited, so we ended up across the street at a horrendously overpriced seafood tourist-trap called Chandler’s Crabhouse (which is, I shit you not, next door to a place called Joey’s). Thankfully, I wasn’t very hungry, so I didn’t get tempted by any of the extravagant main courses. I went with the Tarantula Roll appetizer and a bowl of Seafood Chowder, both of which were tasty enough. And I was also glad to find some decent beers on tap – I had pints of Pyramid Hefeweizen and Alaskan Amber, and while neither of them were spectacular, they kept me happy.

Should sleep now. More later!

3 Responses to Seattle – Day 1

  1. Dude, there’s more cabinets there than we’ve got at home.

    And what’s on the note stuck to the fridge?

  2. Yeah, there’s so much cabinet space, along with full sets of plates, cups, etc. for 4 people, and pots & pans & stuff.

    It’s right next door to a huge cancer centre, so I would guess that they get a lot of families staying here while one of them is getting treatment.

    The note is just a thing about hotel services – complimentary breakfast, grocery service (if you drop off a shopping list, they’ll go get your groceries for free, and just add the cost of the groceries to your hotel bill), shuttles, etc.

  3. It looks like my apartment in university!

    I hope you have a great trip Greg – looking forward to all of your beery stories from out west.