Bryson Blogs

Lots of pro beer/drink writers have been blogging for a while – my regular reads include blogs from the likes of Rick Lyke, Stan Hieronymus, Jay Brooks, Stephen Beaumont and, uh, Stephen Beaumont.

One hold-out, however, has been Lew Bryson. I’ve always enjoyed his articles in Ale Street News and elsewhere, and while I would occasionally remember to check out his website, I was hoping that he’d join the blogging fray and do some more immediate, easy-to-access writing.

Well, he’s finally done so. His new blog, Seen Through a Glass, was launched just over a week ago, and he’s hit the ground running with 20 posts in 10 days. And he’s also come up with a unique theme many of his posts: The Session Beer Project, which will see him sharing his thoughts on the lighter, balanced brews that are often ignored by beer geeks in favour of uber-hoppy Double IPAs, massive Imperial Stouts, and other “extreme” beers. It’s a great idea, I think – I’m looking forward to seeing where it leads.

Oh, yeah – in case you’re wondering, I remained sick for the rest of my stay in Seattle, and didn’t fully recover until a couple of days after I got home. But as mentioned previously, I did make it out for a few hours on Saturday morning, and I’ve got a bit to write about that when I can find a few spare minutes. This weekend, hopefully.

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