R.I.P. Olive 1991-2007

I love dogs even more than I love beer, so I was saddened to read on Lew Bryson’s blog that Olive, the lovely pooch featured on the label of Smuttynose Brewing‘s Old Brown Dog, passed away on March 15th. If OBD was currently available in Ontario, I’d be raising a couple in her honour, but since it’s not, hopefully she won’t be offended if I toast her with a different beer at tonight’s session with the boys.

On another note – things are still busy at Taste T.O., and even busier at my day job, hence the lack of posts in these parts lately. I’ve got a couple of things half-done, though, so there may be a post or two this weekend. I’m sure you’ll all be waiting with bated breath…

2 Responses to R.I.P. Olive 1991-2007

  1. Yikes Greg, for a quick second I was really upset, because I thought it was one your two pooches. Don’t scare me!!!!!!!

    I shall also toast this pooch tonight with a brown ale if possible.

    Kinda funny that I got off my ass and did some posts today on my blog as well.

    Taste T.O. is turning out really really cool – great job! I check it pretty much every day…

  2. Yeah, Olive does look a bit like Tula, doesn’t she? Sorry for the scare!

    Sheryl deserves most of the kudos for Taste T.O. – she’s handling all the editing and a good chunk of the news-compiling. But the back-end stuff has kept me busy.