When I Asked For A "Microbrew", This Wasn't Quite What I Had In Mind…

microbeer.jpgFor their November, 2007 issue, Wired magazine asked biologist and photomicrographer Mike Davidson to take some microscopic images of a typical Thanksgiving feast.

Amongst the shots was the one on the right: an 800x magnification of beer. Or rather, beer in a slightly modified form:

After evaporating off most of the water from Bass Pale Ale, Davidson added hydrochloric acid to break down the beer’s complex carbohydrates. They formed the orange crystals; the black spots are voids with smaller crystallites inside.

The full series also includes very, very close-up shots of turkey, cranberry, gravy, potatoes, peas and bread – all of them looking like psychedelic album covers from the late 1960s. Groovy, man.

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