Celebrating a New Web Site

celebrator.jpgI’m not sure exactly when the changes happened, but I recently noticed that Celebrator Beer News have updated their website with a very spiffy new look and a lot more content. This is great news for those of us who live outside of the regular distribution area (being from California, the mag has a bit of a West Coast slant, and is often hard to find on this side of the continent) – although I suppose if I weren’t such a cheapass, I could always get a subscription.

There are still a few glitches to be worked out, such as the fact that links to a lot of the archive material aren’t working yet. But most of the material from recent issues seems to be available. And there’s also a Blogs page that includes links to a very well-selected list of beer blogs, including this one, which flatters me a great deal considering the others that were chosen.

For a long time, it seemed that most beer mags had websites that looked like the ones I used to code using a text editor back in the mid-90s. So it’s great to see such an improvement to the Celebrator site, along with last year’s redesign of All About Beer (both mag and site) and the changes that are “coming soon” at Ale Street News online. Hopefully, the Brewing News will take the hint and bring their online presence into the 21st Century as well.

One Response to Celebrating a New Web Site

  1. Hey Greg, thx for the nice words! I’m the webnerd who does Celebrator’s site and yes, as you said, I’m just trying to bring Tom and the magazine into the 21st century. Apologies to anyone who tries to look up the archived stuff… there’s like 1,500 pages that need to be “upgraded” to the new look and needless to say, with a one-man “web team” it’s gonna take a little while. Just wanted to get the site up with the current stuff to hold over the faithful readers. Once again, thx for the kind words, makes me tingle inside. Cheers!