I Made The Top Ten!


I’ve got no idea how this happened and who decided I deserved it, but I’ve somehow made it into the Top 10 beer blogs on the whole, entire Internet (or at least, out of the 104 that are listed) according to Blogged.com.

I’m frankly humbled and confused by this. Humbled, because it puts me into the company of beer writers who are much better and more prolific than I. Confused, because they have me ranked higher than some more worthy bloggers, such as Alan (#13) and Stan (#14) – and hell, Lew doesn’t seem to be listed at all!

At least Jay and Stonch came in ahead of me, which is where they belong.

5 Responses to I Made The Top Ten!

  1. Perhaps you were vaulted into the Top 10 once you posted an article entitled “Rock Out With Your Cock Out”.

  2. Well, as the infamous “Ass Sandwich” post proved, posts where I mention the naughty name of a private body part in the title usually lead to a spike in visitors. So yes, you could be right!

  3. Good for you. You should be proud. You have a great blog. Keep it up and who knows where you will be next time. I am a fan.

  4. Thanks, Mr. (or Ms.?) Burp. I know I don’t post nearly as often as most beer bloggers, but when I do, I try to make it something worth reading.

  5. Exactly! Well done and take it maybe an invitation to blog a little more often.