The Beer Blogging Axis

While attempting to catch up on my reading of other beer blogs  this evening, I got to thinking about the old “quality vs. quantity”  equation. It applies to more than just beer blogs, of course – to more than just blogs in general, even – but I found it interesting to analyze things just in terms of those of us who fill our little corners of the Internet with ramblings about beer and brewing.

While I won’t mention any names in order to avoid unnecessarily offending or ego-boosting, I was especially struck by the vast variation on both sides of the equation amongst our clan. There are highly skilled writers who post very infrequently; remarkably prolific bloggers who can barely string a sentence together; those who manage to write both often and well; those who offer their clunky and turgid content on a mercifully infrequent schedule; and any and every combination in between.

As for this blog, it’s pretty obvious where it fits on the quantity scale (i.e. pretty freakin’ low), and as the sloppy image to the right indicates, I have enough confidence in my writing ability to think (or at least hope) that it sits somewhat higher on the quality axis. I often wish that I could even things out with some more frequent content, and I always have at least a half-dozen ideas that I’d like to write about. But as long as this poor little blog continues to play fourth or fifth fiddle to my writing for other places, not to mention my job and other real life stuff, posts here will likely always come in fits and starts. I can only hope that the quality is high enough to keep people coming back for my less-frequent-than-I’d-like-them-to-be musings.

Anyway, speaking of those other places I write for – here are my beer-related articles for Taste T.O. from the last couple of months:

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Feb 2nd: Get Yer Drink(vine) On (profile of a handy new website for Ontario booze drinkers)
Jan 26th: Beer of the Week – Harviestoun Ola Dubh 40
Jan 19th: Beer of the Week – Black Oak Ten Bitter Years
Jan 12th: Beer of the Week – Amsterdam Dry Dock Porter
Jan 5th: Beer of the Week – BrewDog Punk IPA

3 Responses to The Beer Blogging Axis

  1. It is a good observation. For me, I write for a few reasons and one is just to write every day on one blog or another. I don’t know if it has become a crutch or I fear to stop but if I do not write often I feel like I am missing something.

    I wish I had the same obsession about exercise!

  2. I should really develop the discipline to write more often. My backlog of unfinished articles is getting depressing…

  3. Hey Greg,
    I think you rate pretty high on the quality scale. Quantity, well, what can we say? Bills need to be paid…… I wish all my clients would say “Don’t rush my site; get that blog on Tusker out ASAP, okay?”
    Keep up the good work, frequent or infrequent.